Record Query Language (RQL)

The Record Query Language allows one to filter merchant records using different modifiers.

Multiple modifiers in one query are supported, e.g. country:"DK" name:"Acme Corporation".

You can check for the existence of a property by suffixing the modifier with ?, e.g. country?.

You can do negative search by prefixing a modifier with !, e.g. !country. A common case for this is to search for resources without a certain property, e.g. !country?.

Query Will search for…
id:"6c1ce8b0" records with id "6c1ce8b0"
merchant_id:"3000001" records with merchant_id "3000001"
name:"Acme Corporation" records with name "Acme Corporation"
trading_name:"Acme Co." records with trading name "Acme Co."
registration_number:"33749996" records with registration number "33749996"
country:"DK" records with country "DK"
currencies:"DKK" records with currencies "DKK"
websites:"" records with websites ""
email:"" records with email ""
created_at:>2016-07-251 records created after July 25th, 2016
states.application:"accepted"2 records with application state "accepted"
states.contract:"signed"3 records with contract state "signed"
states.account:"live"4 records with account state "live"
Please refer to Date modifier for all supported values.
One of: archived, unsubmitted, submitted, needs_information, declined, under_review, accepted.
One of: needs_signature, signed, declined, cancelled.
One of: in_progress, live, closed.

Free text querying

In addition to querying with modifiers, it is possible to combine modifiers with free text e.g. country:"DK" Acme Corporation. This will filter by the modifier(s) and then try to match what is left by the free text part of the query.

You can also query without any modifiers e.g. Acme Corporation. This will try to match everything by the query. If you know exactly what you are looking for, you can quote the string e.g. "Acme Corporation" which will only return results with that exact match.


Query Will search for…
created_at:today records created today
created_at:yesterday records created yesterday
created_at:last_week records created last week
created_at:last_month records created last month
created_at:last_year records created last year
created_at:this_week records created from the beginning of this week until now
created_at:this_month records created from the beginning of this month until now
created_at:this_year records created from the beginning of this year until now
created_at:>=2016-01-20 records created after or during January 20th, 2016
created_at:>2016-01-20 records created after January 20th, 2016
created_at:<=2016-01-20 records created before or during January 20th, 2016
created_at:<2016-01-20 records created before January 20th, 2016
created_at:*..2016-01-20 records created before or during January 20th, 2016
created_at:2016-01-20..* records created after or during January 20th, 2016
created_at:2016-01-18..2016-01-20 records created after or during January 18th and before or during January 20th, 2016
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