A Merchant Application represents an intent to enter into an aggreement with Clearhaus A/S.

A common application process goes through at least the following stages:

submitted -> under_review -> signed -> live

After the Merchant Agreement is signed, a Merchant Account is created and once set live, the Merchant can start accepting payments.

An Application can optionally have a signer other than the original creator. A signer is the person who will sign the Merchant Agreement and will become the point of contact from then on. The signer is also the user who will have initial access to the Merchant Account in


name type read-only commentable string false true email false true
business_model.trading_name string false true
business_model.description string false true
business_model.recurring boolean false true
business_model.physical_delivery boolean false true
business_model.delivery_delay1 string false true
business_model.drop_shipping boolean false true
business_model.estimate_currency ISO 4217 3-letter code false true
business_model.estimated_monthly_turnover string false true
business_model.estimated_average_transaction_amount string false true
additional_information text false true
metadata.state2 string true false
metadata.created_at ISO 8601 true false
One of: less5days, 5to10days, 10to20days, more20days.
Can be used to filter applications. See ch:applications.
rel conditional
self false
ch:contact false
ch:comments false
ch:company false
ch:bank-account false
ch:websites false
ch:files false
ch:collaborators false
ch:stamps1 true
Presence depends on metadata.state.

Additional semantics


This resource supports Stamps. See Stamps for more information.

name meaning removable
submitted Mark the application as completed and ready for review false
archived Discontinue the application. You can always restore to the previous state true

Field comments

This resource supports field comments. See Field comments for more information.

Example representation

  "signer": {
    "name": "Mia M. Lassen",
    "email": ""
  "business_model": {
    "trading_name": "Acme Co.",
    "description": "Prime non-generic products",
    "recurring": true,
    "physical_delivery": true,
    "delivery_delay": "5to10days",
    "estimate_currency": "DKK",
    "estimated_monthly_turnover": "300000.0",
    "estimated_average_transaction_amount": "1000.0"
  "additional_information": "Hello",
  "metadata": {
    "state": "submitted",
    "created_at": "2016-07-26T13:39:29.461Z"
  "_links": {
    "self": {
      "href": ""
    "ch:contact": {
      "href": ""
    "ch:company": {
      "href": ""
    "ch:bank-account": {
      "href": ""
    "ch:websites": {
      "href": "{?page,per_page}"
    "ch:files": {
      "href": "{?page,per_page}"
    "ch:collaborators": {
      "href": "{?page,per_page}"
    "curies": [
        "href": "{rel}",
        "templated": true,
        "name": "ch"
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